Our Support to the 8 Lions Global Causes

Westbury Lions are part of the World Wide Lions International, and as such, we focus directly and indirectly on the 8 Global causes which are: childhood cancer, diabetes, disaster relief, the environment, humanitarian efforts, hunger, vision and youth.

Childhood Cancer: Julia’s House is a key hospice for children with terminal cancer and give end of life care as well as supporting the siblings and families of the cancer patients. We have raised funds directly for this work.

Diabetes: We donate monthly to support the food bank which provides fresh food/vegetables to families in need. Providing healthy meals in turn will help prevent many illnesses including diabetes. 

Disaster relief: we have done several collections for the Ukraine refugees. Including help fund the mobile midwife packs that are being used in war zones.

Environment: We support the local schools with many projects and funding as you know the most recent being the food vouchers and the wild tribe heroes books which in turn educates the children on environmental issues. We have planted trees along the Bratton road. We have donated funds for the floods in Jersey as we did a few years ago for flood victims in Carlisle.

Humanitarian efforts: we regularly donate to our Lions Club International Foundation (LCIF) which supports global causes Humanitarian | Lions Clubs International

Hunger: As well as donating to the LCIF and the local Food bank, we donate to local residents via our Welfare process. Support/Welfare : Westbury Lions Club

Vision: Westbury Lions have pledged an amount of funding for a sight camera when they become available and will send members for training in the use of the camera. We also collect unwanted spectacles with support from Haines and Smith in Westbury, these are refurbished and sent to other countries in need.

Youth: We are involved with local schools for community projects, and have set up a Leos club for 8 – 30 years olds in the local community Westbury Leos Club : Westbury Lions Club

Community: We run the senior citizens party which is a community project as is the children’s Easter egg hunt. 

We also donate to other charities whether it is monetary or just a simple admission ticket to one of our events.