Wild Tribe Heroes

Wild Tribe Heroes

Westbury Lions Club have been visiting local schools recently, proudly donating sets of books written by fellow Lion Ellie Jackson. Ellie is a teacher who has returned to the UK from Australia with her family, who, after living around the area of the Great Barrier Reef with its clean waters and protected status, was disappointed with the condition of the UK coastline and in particular the amount of plastic waste in the sea.

Ellie and her family want to make a difference and started clearing their own little corner of the UK, they can regularly be seen along the coast picking up litter and plastic waste deposited on the beach.  Whilst on one of these cleaning sessions, Ellie came up with the idea of a story based on the families experiences, and the “Wild Tribe Heroes” were created.  The Wild Tribe Heroes  is a series of educational books based on the families real life experiences whilst helping to cut pollution, improve the environment and protect and preserve wildlife habitats.

Westbury Lions Club have donated the books approved by the Education authorities in the UK to Westbury schools, they contain inspiring stories and adventures as well as delivering an important message about our planet and the damage that mankind is doing to it, by raising awareness the Club hope this will have a ripple effect and a positive influence on our youngsters and the environmental impact we create. 

Wild Tribe Heroes True Children’s Books On Environmental Issues

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