Westbury Lions Supporting Matravers School

Westbury Lions Supporting Matravers School

Matravers School is delighted to have received a donation from the Westbury Lions Club of £1700 to provide for a set of C-Reader Pens. This donation has enabled the school to further develop our resources which support students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities such as dyslexia.

Matravers School has long-established links with the Westbury Lions. The Lions Club support the Westbury and surrounding family of schools concert each year and provide donations to each school. Matravers School was also unique in establishing its own Leos Club who follow in the footsteps of its founding organisation.

Matravers School commented: “We are delighted and honoured to have received such a wonderful donation from the Lions. This will potentially make a huge difference to pupils at the School.”

Nigel Coward, President of Westbury Lions Club, added “At a time when Matravers is embarking on a scheme to develop the campus to a world-class standard, we in the community must pull together to ensure the school has the best tools in place to support the students and help them prepare for their higher education and life in the workplace. Local businesses and charities should aim to contribute what they can to the ongoing development of the school, as investment in the children of Westbury is ultimately an investment in the future of Westbury.”

“Through this donation we have been able to target a key area of need in the school. The C-Pens are superb tools and have already been put to excellent use by the pupils. For Westbury Lions, this is one of the largest donations made by the club in recent times and so we are especially proud to see our contribution delivering an immediate benefit to a very deserving cause.”

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