Paultons Park MD105D Lions Day

Each year the Lions clubs of MD105D have a day out at Paultons Park near Romsey. This year, the 21st Anniversary year of the Paultons Park event, was gauranteed to be a special occaision not just for the organisers but for all the friends and families of the lions clubs who participated.

With over 3000 people passing through the turnstiles and bright sunshine welcoming all, there were many happy faces taking in the delights of Peppa Pig World and enjoying rides such as Edge and The Cobra.

This year also saw the arrival of some very special guests ‘from a galaxy far, far away…’. Lion John Drago needed some help planting a special anniversary tree to celebrate the day, and using his extensive list of contacts was able to arrange a guest appearance from the characters of Star Wars, who ably arranged to transport guests 150 into the future to see the anniversary tree established and in all its glory!

Despite an initial misunderstanding over his shovel which bore a striking resemblance to an illegal mining tool from the planet Mygeeto, all was eventually cleared up and our guests shipped us to the future to see the fully grown tree.

Lion John explaining that his shovel is not a prohibited device…

Thanks to all the lions clubs who participated, and also the members of the MK Garrison who supported us throughout the day, and everyone else who helped make the 2012 event such a wonderful day.

Special thanks to Westbury Lions John and Anita Drago, who work tirelessly each year to ensure the event is a success!

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