Message in a Bottle

Message in a bottle initiative

Message in a Bottle is a nationwide initiative to help our emergency services.

The Bottle is a small plastic canister with a Green Cross on it. Inside is a small form where you can set out any details you would wish the emergency service to know about if they found you unwell or unable to communicate. You can include any information you wish, including any medication you may be on, contact details of friends and family and the name of your pet and how to look after it.

Also in the canister are 2 Green Cross sticky labels. The idea is to adhere one sticker behind the main entrance door you use and the other on your fridge door. The form is then inserted into the canister which is then stored in your fridge, not because it needs to be kept cool, but the emergency services know this is where they will find the information. If you need to keep the bottle somewhere else, say if you do not have a fridge, be sure it is somewhere the emergency service can easily find it!

The Bottles are FREE of charge and you can get one from the surgery or the pharmacists in town.

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