Josie Joins The Team!

January 2013 saw Westbury Lions badging up new member Josie Scott, who while becoming our youngest member brings lots of experience of working with charities both in the UK and overseas.

Josie Joins the Team!

Josie initially got to know Westbury Lions after the club contributed to her fundraising efforts for a trip to Nicaragua, working with the charity Raleigh International building a community centre for a small town. On her return Josie presented an engaging and informative account of her trip and also explained that she was hoping to pursue a career working with charities, and after learning more about Lions Clubs International she expressed an interest to get involved.

When asked why she wanted to work with charities, Josie replied “I’ve have always been interested in that area of work, this interest increased during my time at University where I became more aware of World events and problems making me more committed to doing something to address these issues.”

“There are a few areas which I am particularly passionate about which are International development, youth engagement/support and equality development. I would be delighted to work in any of these areas from hands on project delivery to research and project/policy development.”

Josie recounted one of her most memorable experiences in Nicaragua, which echoes the general feelings of many involved in charitable activities. “I think one of the moments which was the most surreal and touching was when we had the opening ceremony for the Community Centre, although it wasn’t completely finished. It was a really wonderful day as previously to this I had not seen so many of the community in one place at one time. We had performances from local drama groups, bands as well as members of the community speaking about how much our project meant to them and the difference they believed it would make to the community. The whole day was really humbling, but also really inspiring as the changes in the community were already visible.”

Westbury Lions President David Firth has been active with Lions Clubs International for over 30 years, and is currently a trustee for the Lions Sight Savers project. He hopes that his activities may present further opportunities for Josie to extend her experience in the future. On welcoming Josie to the club Lion David commented that we now have members ranging from their 20’s right up to their 80’s, making Westbury Lions a truly diverse group of individuals united by the same cause of helping those less fortunate both in our own community and worldwide.

Westbury Lions are always on the lookout for new members, young and old. If you fancy getting involved in a club which has a thriving social calendar as well as participating in popular fund raising events and supporting the local community, please visit our website or contact Lion Mike Pearce on 01373 302956.

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