Even Lions visit the dentist!

We all know the discomfort brought on by toothache, whether it is caused by decay or by something worse such as a tooth abscess. Luckily for most of us living in the developed world we can simply take a quick trip to our local dentist for a professional solution to the problem.

In over 40 developing countries the majority of people have no access to basic healthcare, with just one dentist serving over 250000 people. Such care has a lower priority, and is often performed with primitive tools and no pain relief which ultimately leads to a great deal of suffering for patients, especially in children.

Lions Clubs in the local district have joined forces with Dentaid to help bring improvements to dental services, by collecting equipment which is being discarded by UK dentists and refurbishing it for use in the third world.

Dentaid receives requests for equipment, and assesses the best places to send suitable refurbished hardware and arrange training for the best use in a sustained way.

Dentist Mark Saliba and Lion John Drago with the donated Autoclave unit.

Lions clubs assist the service by collecting and delivering redundant equipment to the Dentaid workshops for refurbishment. Westbury Lion John Drago is pictured with local dentist Mark Saliba from Delicate Dentistry, based on Hospital Road in Westbury. Mark recently donated a redundant autoclave unit, which is used to sterilise dental equipment, and he hopes this will soon be put back to good use overseas.

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