District Governer Ron Welcomes New Members!

The May Business Meeting proved to be a special one for Westbury Lions Club, with the badging up of 3 new members!

Phil Harris is a long time resident of Westbury, well known to most residents for his work as a driving instructor (he taught 2 current club members to drive in the past!) and for his activities with the local Gateway club.

Also joining the club was John Powell, a self confessed Welshman ‘from the valleys’ and having retired from teaching is looking forward to playing an active role within the club.

Our final new member, Jarvis McDonald, is a local businessmen currently embarking on a new venture yet still finding time to get involved with Lions. Jarvis has already demonstrated a keen sense of humour which is sure to keep Tail Twister Kevin on his toes!

Making this occaision extra special for all was the support and participation of District Governor Ron Twining. Club President Peter Baker welcomed Ron and his wife Ann to the meeting, before commencing with proceedings and passing the honour of badging our new recruits to Ron.

Our latest additions to the club boosts the active membership to 25, and with the Jubilee celebrations coming up, the Donkey Derby in July and our 10k Run in October, these new recruits are certain to be kept on their toes!

Welcome aboard, chaps!

Are you interested in joining Westbury Lions? Use the Contact Us page to drop us a line, and our Membership Chairman Mike Pearce will be happy to tell you more!

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